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The Disaster Financial Assistance Program


Just a quick post today as we make our way into a weekend full of rain, rain and more rain.

This weekend, risk of flooding is at a peak and many Canadians still don’t have the coverage they need for damage caused by flooding and overland water.

For those Canadians without flood insurance, we want you to know that there is help available. You can make a claim through the federal Emergency Management Office of the Public Safety Minster. From there, you can apply for the Disaster Financial Assistance Program provided by the provincial government.

Please see this great article just posted by the Globe & Mail for further details:

Stay safe!


Investment Series: the Client Relationship Model II


Protecting your assets involves more than the right insurance policy. Today on the blog, we bring you an article by investment advisor Rob Bradshaw that looks at some changes happening in the investment industry of which all investors need to be aware. 

There are some regulatory reporting changes coming to the Canadian investment industry that are meant to provide investors with more details of the costs of their investment advice and how their investments are performing.  The investment regulators want to ensure investors receive sound fee disclosure to avoid any conflict of interest between the advice your advisor provides and the solutions you need.

So how does this affect you?

The most noticeable result of the new regulation (called the Client Relationship Model II or “CRM2”), will take the form of two new reports that most investors in Canada will receive by early to mid-2017. These reports will provide you with two key pieces of information.

The “Cost” report details the costs paid to your advisor firm for providing advice and service on your investments. This includes costs you may pay such as: fee-based account costs, commissions, as well as some costs paid by third parties, that have been difficult to discern in dollar values, until now.

It is important to note what is not included in these Cost reports: most insurance products, and in some cases, segregated funds, are not being reported. Also, if you own a mutual fund, you should be aware that the annual fee you pay (the management expense ratio or “MER”), is also not shown in the reports— only the portion of the MER that the advisor firm receives for advice and service, called the “trailing commission” will be disclosed.

The “Performance” report provides you with a “money-weighted rate of return”, different from the more commonly used “time-weighted rate of return”; and interestingly, going forward the report will show the return for 1, 3, 5, 10 and since inception time periods, as they become available.

With this additional transparency on costs and performance of your account, you may ask “What value am I getting from my advisor for the costs I pay and am I progressing towards my goals?” Your current advisor should be able to answer those questions clearly, if not, talk to someone who can. As an investor you should have a clear understanding of the costs and performance associated with your investments and the value you are receiving from your advisor.

Enhanced transparency that CRM2 will bring to our industry is positive for you as an investor as it enables you to have a clear understanding of how you are progressing towards your financial goals.

Rob Bradshaw is an IIROC licensed advisor in Aurora, at RBC Dominion Securities, has over a decade of experience in financial markets; focusing on portfolio solutions and financial plans for affluent families and professionals. He can be reached at


Accident Benefits: Medical, Rehabilitation & Attendant Care Benefit

car accident

This is the second entry in our Accidents Benefits series. You can find the first entry here where we discuss the basic changes the Provincial Government made to the accident benefits portion of Ontario auto policies during the 2016 auto reform.

Today, we’re going to shine the spotlight on one of the optional coverages available to policyholders for purchase: the Medical, Rehabilitation & Attendant Care benefit.


What does it cover?

The Medical and Rehabilitation benefit provides coverage for reasonable and necessary medication and rehabilitation expenses that are not covered under OHIP or group insurance plans. An example would be physiotherapy expenses. The Attendant Care benefit provides coverage for an attendant to look after you either at home or within a healthcare facility.

Each of these coverages have two separate limits; one for non-catastrophic injuries such as sprains, whiplash or broken bones, and one for catastrophic injuries such as loss of a limb or quadriplegia. The severity of your injuries determines which limits you have access to.


What changed?

Prior to the 2016 auto reform, the limits for Medical, Rehabilitation & Attendant Care were:

Non-catastrophic injuries

Medical & Rehabilitation: $50,000

Attendant Care: $36,000

Catastrophic Injuries

Medical & Rehabilitation: $1,000,000

Attendant Care: $1,000,000

After the 2016 reform, the limits for these coverages now look like this:

Non-catastrophic injuries

Medical, Rehabilitation & Attendant Care: $65,000 total

Catastrophic Injuries

Medical, Rehabilitation & Attendant Care: $1,000,000 total

These coverages have been combined and lumped into one, lower limit.


What are your options?

Policyholders have three options to increase their protection under the Medical, Rehabilitation & Attendant Care coverage:

  1. Increase your non-catastrophic injury limit to $130,000
  2. Increase your catastrophic injury limit to $2,000,000
  3. Increase your non-catastrophic injury limit to $1,000,000 and your catastrophic injury limit to $2,000,000

If you purchase coverage option 3, your total eligible limit for catastrophic injury becomes $3,000,000.

We are highly recommending that all our policyholders purchase the optional benefit 3 listed above as the base policy limits simply don’t provide adequate coverage.

Contact your broker today to discuss your level of coverage and the options available to you. Don’t wait until you’ve had an accident to find out that you don’t have the coverage you need.

Staff Party at The Kitchen by Food In Motion

cheese platter

Every year on the last Thursday before the holidays, Lomonte & Collings has a staff party. It’s an evening of laughter, eating too much, a few drinks and a particularly vicious gift exchange that involves scheming and thievery to try and steal the most coveted items from coworkers. It’s all very in character with the season.

This year our party was held at The Kitchen by Food in Motion. It’s a flexible full-service catering and event space in Aurora, Ontario. Owners John Cosentino and Danielle Greco have combined their respective skills as chef and nutritionist to create a unique and engaging dining experience.


John Cosentino & Danielle Greco

John Cosentino & Danielle Greco of The Kitchen by Food in Motion


From the moment you walk in, you can tell this isn’t your typical establishment. The kitchen sort of spills out and blends into the cozy dining area giving guests a front row seat to watch the chefs prepare the dishes. You almost feel like you’re part of the action, as if you’ve been invited into someone’s home to share a meal with them.

The food was incredible and the menu wide ranging. Fresh shucked oysters, cured meats, artisan cheeses, steak Florentine, buffalo cauliflower, fried brussel sprouts, pommes frites, and that’s just to name a few of the dishes we got to try. John and Danielle take great care in curating their menus and use only the freshest ingredients available. After our meal, we had a chance to chat with John and he mentioned his 4 am trip to the Terminal in Toronto to pick up the ingredients for our dinner that night. And here I thought my 6 am wake up time was rough.

Our meal was served family style so everyone got to try a bit of everything. My personal favourite was the buffalo cauliflower and blue cheese, which is saying something because normally, I hate blue cheese. This blue cheese wasn’t overpowering though, it really complemented the kick of the cauliflower. I loved it so much, I kept sneaking pieces from my coworker’s plate when mine was done (sorry, Jeannette!).

Food In Motion does more than just in-house events. They cater, offer take-home meals, and run weekly cooking classes for individuals, businesses and small groups. John and Danielle believe in bringing people together through food and that’s exactly what they did for us. We had a great time trying each dish and discussing our favourites. That is until the secret Santa began. Then all focus was on who had the gift with those grey socks that read “if you can read this, bring me a glass of wine” on the bottom.

You can find Food In Motion at or drop them a line at Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

With that said, we hope all of you had a safe and wonderful holiday season and we look forward to serving all our clients in the New Year. See you in 2017!


Lomonte & Collings

We tried to get a group photo with no one blinking, and this was the best we could do. Happy Holidays!